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Yolande + Casey at Woodlands of Marburg

On the way back from photographing the boys getting ready in the morning, the engine of my car decided to spontaneously combust right in the middle of the Warrego Highway. Luckily I was only 100m away from the wedding venue and was rescued by two lovely gentlemen from the wedding (thank you, thank you). I had to ditch my car on the side of the road at the risk of “someone being able to tow it away without notice”, as I was told by the kind police officer. There were much more important things to worry about – such as capturing this absolutely fantastic wedding. I have many people to thank. Firstly, I have to thank the love of my life Kaerlin, along with our friend Boz who came all the way from Brisbane to wait for the tow-truck with me after the wedding at midnight. And then, of course, Casey’s father who made sure I was not venturing out into the wilderness on my own. Finally, a million hugs and kisses to Yollie & Casey for inviting me to stay with them over the weekend to celebrate their love. Without further ado, this is Casey & Yollie’s big day.



Deb Hodkinson -

Oh these photos are divine…such a beautiful couple celebrating the next step in their lives with their special family and friends. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to Casey and Yolanda and their beautiful children. xx <3

Michelle Landers -

absolutely beautiful it was such an honour to be there with you guys to celebrate you love xo