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Top 5 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

The market is flooded with every second person starting up their own amateur photography business and jumping straight into the deep end with weddings. Get a little savvy and find out what is really included in your photography package. Most photographers will price their base package with a starting price that is too good to pass up, but it doesn’t include what you’re really looking for. Here are some questions you NEED to ask your photographer before booking your wedding to make sure that you’re getting a seasoned pro and not just Uncle Bob who got a camera for Christmas last year.

1. Do we get a copy of all the edited high resolution images?
WHAT IS IT?: The digital package including all the edited high res images is worth its weight in gold, but make sure you’re getting the real deal. Some studios will offer you low res images and then sell you the high res images later on.
WHAT WE DO : With all our weddings, we give you all the reproduction rights to the images. You can print, copy, distribute and stick your photo wherever you want to – we would love you to! Under Australian law, the photographer or studio retains all the copyright to the images. However, by granting you reproduction rights, you won’t need to bother with the copyright. We don’t put any ugly logos or watermarks over the photos – We are confident that you’ll love the photos and refer friends over to us for their weddings anyway (that is how we book most of our weddings through word of mouth! The high res images we give you are what we keep and use to print – and they’re all yours to do the same. You’ll also get a copy of the low res images that we resize and optimise especially for Facebook or sharing over the web. This is just an extra service that we provide because we want you to get everything that you’ll need…free of charge.

2. What does your coverage include?
WHAT IS IT?: Coverage is how long your photographer is there for. Most photographers will have hourly rates plus travel fees.
WHAT WE DO : We provide 3 different coverage options to suit all different types of weddings, which is why we’d love to talk to you first to find out more about your wedding. You may have a larger wedding of 100 guests and that would require 2 photographers to really capture all the candid moments. Or you might be doing a first-look before your ceremony so you’d need us to start earlier and finish later. Most of our clients love the unlimited hours package which means that we start anytime in the morning to capture the boys getting ready first, then the girls getting ready, the ceremony, family photos, then bridal party photos and then the WHOLE reception.

3. What travel is included?
WHAT IS IT?: Most wedding suppliers charge a travel fee outside a certain km radius of their business. You’d expect to be paying $100-$200 for travel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast for example.
WHAT WE DO : We don’t charge travel for anything under 2 hours driving from Brisbane. We have photographers based in Byron Bay, Currumbin, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We also love travelling so we scrap that travel fee so petrol is on the house. For anything that requires flying, we have special packages available – we have been to the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Thailand, NZ and the Cook Islands!

4. What is your backup system?
WHAT IS IT?: Unfortunately, technology sometimes fails. Photographers should have systems in place to make sure that if it does, that your photos are safe. If your photographer did not prepare well enough and something did go wrong…do they have a backup system?
WHAT WE DO : We shoot with 2 memory cards at the same time. If one fails, we have another. We also spend a shitload of money on hard-drives – it’s expensive, but we have never lost anything before and don’t intend to either. We back up your photos in 3 different locations – and you should too when you get the photos! I have heard every horror story under the sun about photographers losing wedding photos because they were unprofessional and did not spend the money on top of the range gear or didn’t back up their files. We have spares in case our gear fails on the day – sometimes freak accidents happen. I have dropped and damaged gear before on a wedding day. Even though I could have worked without the said broken gear, I have called up a camera shop on the wedding day and ordered a $600 speedlite (flash) to have it delivered to me in person by a shop assistant on skateboard before. We always pack back-up gear. We have nearly had more than a kidney’s worth of gear stolen from a Church before.

5. How many weddings do you do per year?
WHAT IS IT? : You cannot re-do your wedding day. It is important to book an experienced photographer who specialises in weddings only. This means that their studio or they do at least 30 weddings per year and have more than a few years under their belt.
WHAT WE DO : Every photographer at Dear & Tine has been personally head-hunted by Chaddy. Chaddy alone shoots 30 weddings per year, but we only take on a limited amount of weddings so that we ensure that we keep our quality ultra-high and are able to handle the workload involved.