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Loran & Steve in Auckland, NZ

I don’t really want to get this morbid on my blog, but I really need to share with the world that I’ve been dead for a while. My life has gone through a whirlwind of change in the past month.  This is my new beginning. And there is no place better to start fresh than to visit my roots. I recently flew across the ditch back to my homeland. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to the land of the long white clouds. And goody-goody-gumdrops things have changed!

Faces have aged. People have come and gone since I was last on this soil. I miss Hokey-Pokey. I miss my family. I miss seeing wild daisies grow from cartoon-green pastures. Things were familiar, yet so foreign. I felt like a tourist, and I had to capture everything old and new just to feel alive again. One of my favourite places in Auckland is Cornwall Park. It’s more beautiful than I remembered. Or maybe I regret that I had probably taken it for granted when I was driving past it every morning eight years ago.

I met Loran & Steve who have recently moved to Auckland from Hawkes Bay, the land of really good wine and cool stuff like that. It was their first time to Cornwall Park, and I felt kind of chuffed to be able to show them around.  I did this shoot using one lens. It was a challenge and certainly had its limitations, but I wanted to prove to myself that having awesome gear isn’t everything. I wanted to go back to the basics and to really feel it. I wanted to breathe and let go. Thank you Loran & Steve…you’ve brought me back to life.



If you’re at all familiar with Auckland, you’ll know that the weather isn’t too kind during Winter. And it was darn cold too. But you can hardly tell from these pictures because Loran & Steve are just so in love.


And a million hugs of gratitude to my best friend Michelle who took me under her wing and drove us everywhere.