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Lauren & Gerard: Buderim, Sunshine Coast

lauren-gerard-wedding-buderim    “We got the photos Chaddy!!! They are absolutely amazing thanks so much for everything you did! We had dinner with my parents last night and we all looked at them on the TV. =) everyone loved them. You are amazing! =P ” – Lauren & Gerard 


Lauren & Gerard had the most beautiful backyard wedding in Buderim, Sunshine Coast (the stunning bride & bridesmaids feature on our homepage banner). They even had their wedding photo featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper  for being model bio-medical science graduates with super-high-unbelievable-GPA scores – amazingggg.We drove around the Buderim area together a few weeks before their wedding and decided that the family property was so spectacular that we had no reason to leave for photos. It’s funny, I often get asked if I’m a friend or family at weddings- probably because I love mingling and later everyone ends up on my Facebook friends list. I’m obviously not family, unless your imagination extends to the thought of either Lauren or Gerard’s family adopting an Asian-Kiwi kid, but as cliche as it sounds, I felt just like family at Lauren & Gerard’s wedding. I’m so lucky to have met so many caring, thoughtful and beautiful people that day. And what a beautiful day it was. Thank you!

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I really wish I could show you every photo, but all you really need to see is that the coolest cats sit on Table 8 😛 20140519 Lauren Gerard jpeg 5PINIMAGE

Ceremony Venue: Private Property / Reception Venue: Ebb Waterfront Restaurant / Florist & Styling: Twig & Grace