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Kat & Lee: A vintage love story.

Kat is an extremely talented Rockabilly Pin-up Icon & Make-up Artist,  and Lee is a super awesome photographer. We never really planned on shooting when the sun was at its peak because of the usual harsh shadows it casts, but I got a bit carried away with trying to find out everything I could about Kat & Lee.  This involved touring Kat’s backyard, meeting her dad, her dog and seeing her Custom Restored and Hand Painted Furniture. Kat & Lee even showed me a few projects they were working on…a caravan for touring Australia! They couldn’t get more rad. Dealing with the sun was a challenge, and it involved many 1cm shifts to the left or 2cm wiggles to the right…(Your right or my right? haha).  Just as we were figuring out how to cross the river without getting our shoes wet, we came across a little runaway puppy who followed us around and paddled in the river. I guess he was also curious about Kat & Lee. They are as close you can get to a real life 1950s glamour couple. From every small detail, they are exactly that- it was a magical experience to observe and capture their vibrancy and love for each other.