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Jack & Nic: Wedding Preview Byron Bay

I have honestly cried more than a handful of times replaying this slideshow. I made it a little longer than usual, because I really wanted to show you how intimate this wedding really was. The wedding wasn’t all about mason jars, flowers and all the things that you would usually fuss over. In fact, Jack completely forgot about her bouquet until later on in the reception. This wedding was really about the union of Jack & Nic (their dog-son, Chuck), their two families and their closest friends. I should really stop rambling now. Please view this in HD (High Definition).

Venue: Private Property Byron Bay /  Celebrant: Paul Voge 
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Andrew Belle / Marie Hines / Holly Maher

Jacqueline McFarlane -

Amazing amazing amazing!!! Thank you so much Chaddy! You’re so wonderful and all our guests keep telling us how friendly and sweet you are and that your an amazing photographer! Nic and I knew that though from the first time we met you!