Dear & Tine » Boutique Wedding Photography.


1. What does Dear & Tine actually mean?

It has taken us a long time to get to this point where we have reached a comfortable stage in our business to completely reinvent our branding, our philosophies, the works. ‘Dear’ has a double meaning. To us, we don’t view wedding photography as just another job. Every wedding is different, and every couple has their own story which we need to interpret through our art.  Wedding photography is dear to each of us on the team, it’s our project, our motivation and without getting too sappy it’s why we’re happy to get out of bed every morning and come to work. It is also a play on the word ‘Deer’, a creature which best represents us for its amazing instinct. Should a deer come into your life, it is said that you’ll be lured into an adventure, which is what we want to do. We want to entice you into an adventure with us on one of the most important milestones of your life! Tine is a branch of an antler, which is important for us because it symbolises renewal, through its regeneration every year. From this, we want to take our past experiences and shape them into a new, positive energy for reinvention to always strive for self improvement.


2. Something a bit lighter for the next question please! What does ‘all day coverage’ mean?

To keep our high standard of work, we only book one wedding per day. So ‘all day’  means exactly as is. No catch, no hidden fine print. We’ll be there from whenever you need us in the morning until the end of the reception. If you want us at sunrise, we’ll be there. Or if you want to sleep in, that’s completely cool and up to you. And this is something that we’ve always done. We don’t charge extra for the reception coverage. We won’t make you do a mock first dance or cutting of the cake. It’s your day to enjoy and plan however you like, we’ll be there to document it as the magic happens.


3. What do we get on the disc?

You’ll get all the edited images in high resolution (minimum of 300), that is print ready, and all the rights to reproduce these for your own personal use. We’ll do a colour and a b+w edit of all the unique photos for you. You’ll also get a resized version of all your photos which you can upload to Facebook, share with your friends over the inter-web etc.


4. Do you have a waiting list?

No, to be fair, we’re booked on a first come first served basis. We make ourselves available for the first couple to put down their non-refundable retainer with the signed paperwork returned to us. We will however, let you know if there is another enquiry on the same date as your wedding. Call us to arrange a time to meet either in our Brisbane studio, or elsewhere convenient for the both of us for a coffee to chat about your wedding plans.  Once you’ve decided to put down your retainer, we’ll send you out the rest of the paperwork and call ourselves officially yours! If you’re based outside of Brisbane, we have can arrange for a Skype meeting with you at a time which suits.


5. Do you charge extra for travel?

If your wedding is in Queensland and in a day-trip sort of distance, we’re happy to absorb our petrol, and teleporting costs to get there. Our studio is based in Brisbane but we’re more than happy to travel for international weddings. We’re pretty lucky in our field of work to be able to do what we love and travel at the same time. Our jobs have taken us to quite a few places around the world. If your wedding is outside of Australia, you’ll just need to cover the costs of accommodation, ground travel and food expenses for two of us to do your wedding! The rest is on us.


6. What do your wedding albums look like?

We’re good at what we do, and we know that hand binding an album isn’t something we’re good at. In the search for the perfect album manufacturer, we’ve looked high in treetops, and looked under every rock there is. We’ve even tried to master this craft ourselves and in all honesty as perfectionists we have failed miserably at trying to produce something we would be happy with. Instead, we have found the best of the best. And that is Vision Art who produce a line of albums on Fine Art Paper available only to photography professionals like ourselves. So you can be sure that we’re offering you the crème de la crème.


7. Who does your branding? 

Our very talented Graphics Designer Charmaine of Little Red Cheeks breathed life into Dear & Tine. We owe her a few kidneys for putting so much heart into branding us.