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Emma & James: Cook Islands

PLEASE VIEW IN HD (High Definition)

Possibly the most adventurous travels I’ve ever been on to get to a wedding… Carrying almost 20kg of camera gear and a small handbag stuffed full of clothes, I travelled to the Cook Islands for Emma & James’ wedding. Long story short, I ended up declaring to customs all my camera equipment and listed my occupation as wedding photographer which nearly got me detained (they’re very protectionist over there). Using my very limited legal knowledge I explained to them that the transaction was made in Australia prior to entering the Cook Islands, and they let me go. Luckily they did because I would’ve missed out on getting to know two of the most down to earth, caring people – Emma & James. Best Entire-wedding-break-out-into-Bohemian-Rhapsody award of the year is definitely going to these guys. Thanks so much for having me, you guys totally blew me away with your generosity.

Ceremony & Reception: Raratonga, Cook Islands / Bride’s Dress: Darb Bridal Couture