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Dear & Tine for Hilde Heim: Victorian Bridal Collection

As wedding season comes to an end, I’ve had the time to work for many talented and inspiring people including Hilde Heim. I’ve photographed many Hilde Heim real life brides before, so it was amazing to see parts of the design process. Each and every gown is hand-made to measure.  It was an unreal experience to watch Hilde work live in her workshop as she put the final touches on some of the breathtaking designs I photographed for her Victorian Bridal Collection. I also had the chance to work with a super team: Rachel, Grace & Style, Moments in Vintage Furniture and Decor Hire and Always Fabulous Flowers.

Oliver Kuo -

love top right foto.

Charmaine Ng -

HASSELBLAD! YOU ARE FABULTASTIC : D Those dresses are breathtaking.

Hilde Heim -

Thanks so much Chaddy. Thanks too for your good vibe. Makes such a difference at shoots. Good fun!

Rachel Fulton-Model -

Love your blog! Looks great :)

Moments In Vintage - Vintage Furniture & Decor Hire -

Fantastic work Chaddy and a pleasure to work with you too! I’m looking forward to next time!