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    "I have had friends and family calling last night and today saying how they love the way you captured our wedding day in those pics! You are an artist Chad x"
    -Yolande & Casey

    "Dear and Tine are extremely professional and their staff are willing to go the extra
    mile to make your wedding day. I highly recommend them for your engagement and wedding photos and the guest book they make still have my guests talking"

    - Larissa Erzetich

I’m about to share with you a wedding that is very close to my heart. These two have been with me through thick and thin. Over the weekend, I photographed the wedding of my best friend Charmaine and her soul mate Patrick aka PC at Dandelion & Driftwood. I first met PC years ago, and when he introduced his girl Charmaine to me, I instantly fell in love with her.

You’ll notice that elements of the usual things at a usual wedding is not present at Charm & Pc’s wedding. And to stay true to their story, I’ve blogged their wedding as it was documented. This is the story of two extraordinary people. Two very beautiful people that do not follow conventions, break the rules and look extremely attractive while at it. Thank you for allowing me to capture you as I saw.



Floral designs by Ginger Lily & Rose

Wayne Lee -

awesome photos! loveeeeee it =).

Chaddy Kuo -

naww spanks you spanks you

Jeanne Hesz -

Love your photos (-:

Chaddy Kuo -

Thank you Jeanne!! :)

Chris & Christine, or Chris-squared. Or Male-Chris & Female-Chris. It all got very confusing, but in the end we got pretty good at an ESP way of communicating through brain-waves, which was super cool.

PINIMAGEVenue: The Abbey at Cobaki Lakes / Dress: Grace Loves Lace /Makeup & Hair: Alex Ouston / Styling: Elissa from Fresh Honey / Flowers: Jessica from Lavish Floral Designs / Buntings: Kate at Byron Bay Bunting

Elissa Honeygirl -

These are incredible Chaddy.. I am bursting with excitement to see the rest.. xx

Nikki Skinner -

wow girl….. look at the work you are doing! <3 so beautiful x

Chaddy Kuo -

You’re the incredible one @[566949504:2048:Elissa Honeygirl]!! xx

Jeanne Hesz -

awesome photos (-:

After a short break for Christmas and New Year’s I hit a bit of a plateau. And it wasn’t until I met Amy & Jack that a new mouthful of inspiration came to me. They were everything I had always dreamed of photographing… and for the first time in a while I couldn’t sleep before a shoot. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Armed with two cans of red bull I ventured into the valley at 3 am to revisit the locations I had in my head. The sun rose exactly as we had expected it. The abandoned building oozed awesomeness. Everything just worked. I have become lost for words.  You’ve made me fall in love with my art all over again. Bring on a new year.

PS.  Jack runs Bee One Third, an awesome business which re-homes misplaced bee colonies. Check it out here!  If you love Amy + Jack as much as I do, you can find them at the Northey Markets every Sunday from 6am crafting deeeeelisssshh Banh Mi



Charmaine Ng -

oh. you’ve taken my breath away.

As wedding season comes to an end, I’ve had the time to work for many talented and inspiring people including Hilde Heim. I’ve photographed many Hilde Heim real life brides before, so it was amazing to see parts of the design process. Each and every gown is hand-made to measure.  It was an unreal experience to watch Hilde work live in her workshop as she put the final touches on some of the breathtaking designs I photographed for her Victorian Bridal Collection. I also had the chance to work with a super team: Rachel, Grace & Style, Moments in Vintage Furniture and Decor Hire and Always Fabulous Flowers.

Oliver Kuo -

love top right foto.

Charmaine Ng -

HASSELBLAD! YOU ARE FABULTASTIC : D Those dresses are breathtaking.

Hilde Heim -

Thanks so much Chaddy. Thanks too for your good vibe. Makes such a difference at shoots. Good fun!

Rachel Fulton-Model -

Love your blog! Looks great :)

Moments In Vintage - Vintage Furniture & Decor Hire -

Fantastic work Chaddy and a pleasure to work with you too! I’m looking forward to next time!

We often overlook the simple things in life. You can really get to know someone by stepping back and observing all the little things that they do. I get wildly enthusiastic about little details. Like how Dan tested the field for mud before coming back to assure us that it was safe for Jessie to cross. Or how Jessie looked at Dan after she fixed his hat. Little things count. Some food for thought.


Charmaine Ng -

too cute!