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Amy + Jack

After a short break for Christmas and New Year’s I hit a bit of a plateau. And it wasn’t until I met Amy & Jack that a new mouthful of inspiration came to me. They were everything I had always dreamed of photographing… and for the first time in a while I couldn’t sleep before a shoot. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Armed with two cans of red bull I ventured into the valley at 3 am to revisit the locations I had in my head. The sun rose exactly as we had expected it. The abandoned building oozed awesomeness. Everything just worked. I have become lost for words.  You’ve made me fall in love with my art all over again. Bring on a new year.

PS.  Jack runs Bee One Third, an awesome business which re-homes misplaced bee colonies. Check it out here!  If you love Amy + Jack as much as I do, you can find them at the Northey Markets every Sunday from 6am crafting deeeeelisssshh Banh Mi



Charmaine Ng -

oh. you’ve taken my breath away.