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beaumont-topiaries-wedding“Hi Chaddy, thank you sooo much for everything. I can’t wait to see the photos I just know they are going to be stunning. I’ll be recommending you to absolutely everyone to the point where I’ll be the crazy guy on the street corner telling everyone to hire this photographer. Also thanks heaps for the NZ info we’ll check it out and book some awesome stuff to do. What an incredible wedding! We loved it so much and it sounds like everyone else did too. Talk to you soon.” – Dave & Caitlin  (sent to us the day after their wedding)


Hi, I’m Chaddy, owner of Dear & Tine. Raised in New Zealand, I love The Beatles, elephants, I’m a sucker for carrot cake and I occasionally drive with a lead-foot (although I should really scrap the latter one). If you’re observant and read my email signature, you’ll also discover that I am in fact a NINJA.

I manage a small team of really talented photographers Ben, Tyler and Andrew. Every principal photographer has years of experience under their belt, and every assistant is fed tripods for lunch, breakfast and dinner. So we’re all pretty confident that we’re good shit. All I can say is that you should trust us with the biggest day of your lives, because we’re more than good at what we do. We live, breathe and sleep-talk things about wedding photography. We kind of thrive on the gooey-ness you get from hugging mums, aunts and grandparents at weddings. Not just because it’s what we’ve been doing for years, but because we truly love what we do. This sort of passion isn’t something that should be expressed in words. It’s not something we can convince you simply by self-praises. You really need to just see for yourself. So, shoot us an email or give us a call!

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We are Dear & Tine. We aren’t your generic round of the mill wedding photographers. We’re real people. We’re not about to tell you that we fart rainbows and create pretty pictures because we’ve always had this vision of becoming a photographer from birth. Nor, that all of us come from a long line of professional photographers (I did however, get lucky enough to inherit a few really cool holy grail Hasselblad lenses from my Dad). We’ve all fallen into place here at Dear & Tine somehow, no matter how each path has come about, we’re here to grow together. Just like a pair of antlers. We’ve learned from past experiences and we know how to be bigger, stronger and better.

Sooner or later I hope you’ll meet us…

P.S. We are currently based in Queensland and regularly travel interstate, and some of us overseas for wedding assignments. Travelling is a big part of our culture, and if your wedding happens to be outside of our driving distance, let us know and we’ll work something out for you. 

John Bell -

Hi Guys, I’ve been trying to contact you about my hand chalkboard panels I produce for weddings and wondering if you could include me in you blog/tweets.You can find my website via facebook: John Bell Type or call me on 0413 738 581 I always pick up:)

Hannah Jones -

Chaddy is hands down the BEST photographer I have ever worked with! She is a Ninja and her work absolutely incredible!